50 Years Of Success And More To Come


By September 2019, I will be working in MoGen for seventeen years. One of the most enjoyable moment is receiving the delicious cookies from our talented graduate students during the holidays. Not only because the cookies are so tasty, but also their thoughtfulness mean a lot to our diligent administrative team. Our team has now grown to seven full-time staff members. I am grateful to work with such a fantastic group under the brilliant leadership of the former and present Chairs/Acting Chairs - Brenda, Rick, Howard, Alan & Leah.

Many amazing things happened in the year of 1969. We are working in a 50-year-old Medical Sciences Building Celebrating 50 years of success of the Department of Molecular Genetics. We will continue Engaging with these superb researchers (finding creative ways to manage their expectations). We are looking forward to Inspiring our scientists to excel in this important field of biomedical research.