The Department of Molecular Genetics is a home for many post-doctoral researchers in several nodes

Dear MoGen Postdocs,

We warmly welcome you to the Department of Molecular Genetics. You are a part of a vibrant research community, performing cutting-edge research, working alongside stellar faculty members and motivated students. You serve as mentors to our student community, contribute with your expertise, and represent the Department going forward. We are proud to be a part of your career path, that you chose the University of Toronto and the Department of Molecular Genetics to further your skills, and to be sharing with you our methods, approaches, and to include you in this dynamic academic environment.

On this page, you will find valuable links to navigate the resources the University provides for you. Also, we recommend that you sign up for our mailing list via clicking the sidebox on the left.

You can also let us know here if you publish a paper and would like your work to be featured on the MoGen website.

Again, welcome to the MoGen community!

Tim Hughes, Chair of the Department of Molecular Genetics


Where to find faculty members and positions in UofT and its affiliated hospitals and organizations, and other job search websites

Features the stipend for UofT postdocs, and where to find awards, prizes, and other funding opportunities to fund your fellowship.

In addition, consider CIHR, and NSERC fellowships.

Explains whether a postdoc is a trainee and employee and how it impacts vacation, taxation, parental leave, and other privileges and obligations. It also covers teaching, library access for hospital postdocs, and more. 

Notice: Depending on your contract, taxes may or may not be withheld from your from your salary. That affects whether you will get a tax bill or a refund in the annual tax cycle. Please read the documentation carefully to budget accordingly.

More information about Canadian taxes can be found here

Housing Resources and Information

How to join the UofT Postdoc Listserv for networking, news, and updates, as well as SGS postdoc workshops and social events

Click here for upcoming postdoc-specific events on SGS

Learn about the Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) program, Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC), Career Exploration & Education and more for workshops, seminars, and courses

Also check out the Centre for Graduate Professional Development

Policies on copyright, ethical conduct, inventions, and research services, ethics and protections

The University community is strongly encouraged to purchase goods and services from Approved Suppliers.

Guidelines for UofT faculty/staff on hiring policies and renewing contracts with postdocs.

It contains information for minimum stipend/salary, health benefits, teaching appointments, the Postdoctoral Registration System and more. 

Get support here for navigating the relationship with your supervisor.

General e-mail and office location

If you have any questions that can't be answered by the MoGen Department, you may direct general inquiries to or visit the SGS Postdoctoral Office on 63 St. George Street, Room 201


Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation workshops/events and resources. Postdocs with CUPE unit 1 positions can attend the CI Training camp.

Postdocs can also take THE500, a semester-long course on teaching. 1 h workshops are available at the TATP.