Organizational Structure and Committees

Committee Members

Advisory Committee to the Chair

Examination Committee

Cellular & Molecular Structure & Function: Rick Collins, Bri Lavoie, Michael Moran, Frank Sicheri*

Computational & Systems Biology: Gary Bader, Jim Dennis, Fritz Roth, Zhaolei Zhang

Functional Genomics & Proteomics: Anne-Claude Gingras*, Laurence Pelletier, Michael Wilson, Jeff Wrana

Genetic Models of Development & Disease: Gabrielle Boulianne, Brian Ciruna*, Sean EganAndrew Spence

Molecular Medicine & Human Genetics: Julien Muffat, Lucy Osborne, Miguel Ramalho-Santos

Molecular Microbiology & Infectious DiseaseScott Gray-Owen, Jun LiuJohn Brumell

*B. Ciruna, A.C. Gingras, F. Sicheri may serve as Chair of Reclassification/Qualification exams

Academic Appeals Committee

A description of the appeals process can be found here.