Associate Professor

Brigitte Lavoie

Molecular Genetics


MaRS West Tower
661 University Avenue, Room 1514, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 1M1
Research Interests
Cell biology, Chromosome biology, Disease models

The maintenance of genetic integrity is a fundamental problem for all dividing cells. Abnormal chromosome segregation in the form of trisomies such as Down's syndrome occurs in 25% of aborted human fetuses and 0.3% of newborns. In addition, aberrant chromosome transmission is a hallmark of cancer cells and significantly enhances the progression of many tumours. My lab studies the molecular mechanisms of eukaryotic chromosome transmission using budding yeast as a model organism.

Courses taught

  • MGY340 Molecular Genetics
  • MGY315 Principles of Genetic Analysis II
  • MMG1012 Genome Duplication, Repair and Transmission