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Career Development Resources

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Molecular Genetics Career Services

By request, our departmental career advisor Sun Ooi, is available for:

  • career counselling

  • cover letter and resume critique

  • job search strategies

  • career development resources

  • panel and networking workshops

  • curricular or co-curricular planning and skills development

  • experiential learning development

  • graduate professional development

To schedule an appointment, contact Sun.

Offers career development resources through regular workshops,  career exploration programs, one-on-one sessions with a career advisor., informational interviews, extern- job shadowing program, and more

Check out the career resource library for PDF guides on preparing your application (resume, CV, interview prep etc.)

SGS initiative to help graduate students gain the skills they need to succeed in the future; offering a wide range of programs encompassing Communication skills, Personal Effectiveness Skills, Teaching Competency and Research-related skills.

Offers a wide range of learning support services to support students, and is a great place to start navigating resources on campus. Learning strategists are available to work with students and align support with students' needs.
Graduate writing group: Peer writing groups focus on writing and work toward goals with strategist and mentor on hand.

Graduate student-run initiative for building awareness of career paths and opportunities for life science students post-graduation.  

U of T alumni working to help science trainees seeking careers in industry by offering intensive workshops and other transformational career development resources. 

A tremendous resource for graduate students and post-docs for gaining professional skills needed to succeed in research and diverse career paths. Offers 18 self-paced online-based courses addressing skills from communication to teaching and entrepreneurship. 

Awesome resource for career development, including real profiles of scientific careers. The skills-at-a-glance section contains a wealth of information describing competencies and tasks carried out at various life-science jobs. site contains labour market information and career pathways resources showing timelines and trajectories for 50 bioscience careers. It also offers help at all stages of job-finding.

With over 65,000 members of STEM Ph.D.’s, this is a terrific resource for Non-Academic career job advertisements and forums; although U of T doesn’t subscribe to the services, so you can’t see examples of successful resumés in your career path, you can pay for a personal subscription. 

A not-for-profit that provides research and professional development training programs and supports industrial research internships and collaborations, both internally and internationally, via five main programs: The Accelerate program lets graduate students organize internships with Canadian organizations of interest; the Elevate program funds collaborative post-doctoral research; the Global Link program is for international research funding; the Step program teaches students professional skills.

Schedule interviews and mock interviews on CLNx

Offered through the Department of Biochemistry. 

Learn how to start and build a new technology business. This course usually runs from September to May.

Offers free events throughout the year for great chances to learn and network.

Finding a Mentor

Tools, resources, and connections to a) actively work on career development and b) transition into and succeed in chosen careers after graduate training.

8-month mentorship program links mentees with professionals in a field of interest

Offers a variety of mentorship programs including a digital mentorship hub through 10k Coffees.

Learn about mentorship and check out opportunities on becoming or finding a mentor.

Set up meetings with professionals in your field of interest.

Read about and learn from the experience of other MoGen grads in a range of different roles.

Skill-Building Resources

A wide variety of workshops are available throughout the year on creating job application materials, job search and learning transferable skills including specialized topics such as “how to create internet presence”. Check out their calendars for upcoming offerings. 

Offers drop-in sessions, workshops and other programming, across a wide range of topics including time management and graduate writing groups. 

Delivers a tailored resumé building workshop and case study program targeted towards students seeking careers in industry. 

UofT Career Development E-books

Offers 18 self-paced online teaching modules addressing a wide range of graduate professional skills. 

Offers biotech resumé builder.

Offered by School of Graduate Studies (SGS)

find workshops on skills from project management to presentation skills


Networking reception in February + Mini Networking Series.

Networking Events/Nights are listed here. 

Offers an excellent networking workshop. 

Learn about networking basics and advice and more on CLNx

Canadian professional network for advancing careers by connecting to jobs and careers opportunities.

Make your profile today to jump-start building your professional network.

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