Undergraduate Summer Research Program


Are you interested in participating in cutting-edge research in the Department of Molecular Genetics during the summer?

Molecular Genetics Summer Research participants program will have the opportunity to investigate questions of fundamental importance in molecular, cellular and development genetics. If you would like to conduct ground-breaking research, apply to the Department of Molecular Genetics Summer Research Program!

Application deadline: February 27, 2024

Program Features

  • Primarily, you will be conducting research in the laboratory of your supervisor.

  • Participate in the end-of-summer Summer Student Symposium 


Students are expected to engage in no fewer than 12 weeks of full-time research, beginning in May 2024.


To participate in the Molecular Genetics Undergraduate Summer Research Program, you must:

  • Be enrolled in a undergraduate life sciences program, or have completed the appropriate coursework that would prepare you for the type of research that you wish to conduct

  • Secure a supervisor

  • Complete an application form, signed by your supervisor (digital signatures are permitted)

  • If applying for a University of Toronto Excellence Award (UTEA), there are additional forms. Please fill out the following forms and attach it to the submission. 

  • If you are applying, please have your completed documents ready for upload.

  • Submit the application form through one of the links below

    Locating And Securing A Supervisor:

    Students must first secure a supervisor to be eligible for the Undergraduate Summer Student Program. Here are some suggestions for finding a supervisor:

  • Please read about the Molecular Genetics Faculty members on our Departmental Website and identify potential supervisors whose research interests you

  • Contact your potential supervisor with the following: 1) an up-to-date resume that includes your program and year, 2) an (unofficial) transcript, 3) a cover letter that outlines why you would like to work with them, including your understanding of their research, and 4) a description of your own research experience and career goals.

    Ready To Apply?

    Please note that you will need to submit scan(s) of your completed application(s) for this application. Files will be uploaded for internal applicants or emailed for external applicants. 

  • Internal Applicants (U of T students)

  • External Applicants (Non-U of T students)

Student Awards

There are a small number of competitive scholarships available for Undergraduate Summer Research Students:

Application deadline: February 27, 2024

Application deadline: February 27, 2024

Application deadline: February 27, 2024

You do not need to win an award in order to participate in the Undergraduate Summer Research Program



When will I know if I am successful in any of the above award competitions?

Students can expect to hear the outcome of the award competitions in April.

How do I know if my supervisor is eligible to host an NSERC URSA award?

You can ask your supervisor directly if they are eligible to host an NSERC URSA award. 

Will you accept an email submission for any of the summer awards applications?

There will be a MS form link which will open early January for students to fill out.

If I am not a successful award recipient, will I still be paid for my work?

Some of our Faculty members may accept summer students on the condition that they hold one of the student awards that are available for Summer 2024. If you are not a successful award recipient, and your supervisor agrees to take you on as a summer student, the details of your compensation will be at your supervisor’s discretion.

Is there a list of Faculty members who are taking students?

We do not maintain a list of participating faculty members. You should contact any of the Molecular Genetics Faculty members whose research you are interested in, to inquire as to whether they are accepting undergraduate summer students. See the full faculty list here


For any other inquiries, please contact, Abhishek Atre  at studentservices.mogen@utoronto.ca