University Professor

Jack Greenblatt

Molecular Genetics


Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomedical Research
160 College Street, Room 906, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5S 3E1
Research Interests
Affinity purification, Alternative polyadenylation, C2H2-ZFPs, iCLIP-sequencing, Mass spectrometry, mRNA modification, RNA polymerase II, Transcription, Transcription factors, Transcription termination

Our current major aims are to characterize RNA-binding by the >700 human C2H2 zinc finger transcription factors (C2H2-ZFPs) and explore their roles, together with those of their interacting proteins and other RNA-binding proteins, in genome organization and chromosome conformation, transcription by RNA polymerase II, mRNA modification, mRNA splicing, transcription termination, mRNA alternative 3'-end formation and polyadenylation, mRNA export to the cytoplasm, mRNA stability, and mRNA translation. In certain cases, we also investigate the involvement of these C2H2-ZFPs and the processes they regulate in various human diseases, especially cancer.

Courses taught

  • MGY420H1: Regulation of gene expression


  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology
  • Medical Research Council of Canada Distinguished Scientist Award
  • Canadian National Proteomics Network Distinguished Researcher Award


  • Donnelly Centre