Sabine Cordes

Molecular Genetics


Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute
600 University Avenue, Room 865, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 1X5
Research Interests
Behaviour and mental illness, Cell biology, Developmental biology, Epigenetics and epigenomics, Gene regulation and expression, Neurodegeneration and neurodevelopment, Mouse models, Non-coding DNA and RNA, Mitochondria, Intestinal health, Protein-protein, DNA-protein, and RNA-protein interactions, Rare diseases, Translation and post-transcriptional regulation

Our lab is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that govern animal behaviour and are disrupted in some human disorders of mood and mind. We use mouse molecular genetics as starting points for our analyses and complement these with primary cell culture, molecular biological, cell biological and behavioural analyses and great collaborations with our talented colleagues.

Currently, our lab is focusing on three areas:

  1. Neuroimmune axis in neurodevelopmental disorders and particularly in aggression and Cri du Chat syndrome
  2. Understanding the role of Tub domain proteins in neurobiology and mood disorders
  3. Microexon splicing and autism spectrum disorder in collaboration with Dr. Ben Blencowe’s lab:
    1. Uncovering the postnatal roles of microexon splicing programs and rescuing ASD-like features
    2. Understanding roles of key microexons in governing behaviour and neuronal function