Associate Professor

Jüri Reimand

Molecular Genetics


Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
661 University Avenue, Suite 510, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 0A3
Research Interests
Bioinformatics and computational biology, Cancer, Chromosome biology, Epigenetics and epigenomics, Functional genomics and systems biology, Gene regulation and expression, Genome analysis and sequencing, Non-coding DNA and RNA, Protein-protein, DNA-protein, and RNA-protein interactions, Proteomics and proteins, Technology development

Our research involves computational biology and cancer research. We analyze multi-omics datasets and develop statistical and machine-learning tools to enable these analyses. We believe that we can learn about cancer biology, its vulnerabilities and novel biomarkers by focusing on understudied intersections of datasets of different layers of the central dogma (i.e., genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, epigenomics). Our recent projects are in three areas: drivers and passengers of the cancer genome, multi-omics data integration through pathways and networks, and cancer biomarker discovery. We often perform pan-cancer analyses to learn common oncogenic drivers and pathways in well-powered datasets and also focus on particular cancer types such as brain, prostate, and liver cancer.


  • Ontario Institute for Cancer Research