Assistant Professor

Sagi Abelson

Molecular Genetics


Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
661 University Avenue, Suite 510, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 0A3
Research Interests
Bioinformatics and computational biology, Cancer, Cell biology, Epigenetics and epigenomics, Genome analysis and sequencing

We aim to characterize extrinsic selective pressures and cell-intrinsic mechanisms governing clonal dominance and cell transformation in healthy tissues and cancer-prone diseases. Our group generates and analyzes multi-omics data with the goal to improve our current knowledge of cancer's etiology, discover new biomarkers and facilitate personalized cancer treatment approaches. To improve patient outcomes and bring new tests into clinical service, Abelson and his lab members work on developing advanced sequencing methodologies and bioinformatics tools that enhance mutation detection accuracy and ease data interpretation.

Courses taught

  • Departmental Colloquium


  • CIHR-ICR Early Career Investigator Award - 2019
  • The Banting Research Foundation Discovery Award - 2021


  • Computational Biology - Ontario Institute for Cancer Research