Clinical Stream Academic Requirements

The M.H.Sc. in Medical Genomics clinical stream addresses future and currently practicing clinicianspharmacistsdietitians, genetic counsellors and nurse practitioners.

As genomic patient data becomes more easily available and our understanding of clinical and metabolic genetics improves, we need doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who thoroughly comprehend and apply these findings in their practice and research. This program offers you the unique opportunity to get first-hand experience in this cutting-edge field and apply these skills in your practice and clinical research.

The minimal requirements for admission into the M.H.Sc. in Medical Genomics program experience practicing in any of the fields, or: 

  • Medical Doctors: at least one year of an undergraduate medical degree from an accredited university
  • Pharmacists: A PharmD or equivalent degree in Pharmacy or Pharmacology
  • Dietitians: A PDEP accredited B.Sc. in Food & Nutrition. If the B.Sc. program was not fully integrated with an internship, applicants must also have completed their dietitians' internship / Master's practicum.
  • Nurse Practitioners: Registration with a recognized College of Nurses, and completion of a College approved Nurse Practitioner graduate program

Applicants who have NOT completed an advanced (graduate level) degree will have obtained a minimum undergraduate B+ grade average over the last two years of study. Applicants who are entering the program following the completion of an advanced degree will have obtained a minimum undergraduate B grade average. 


In your application package, please include

  • Transcripts of your undergraduate program, indicating at least two full-course equivalents in the life sciences or related field
  • Transcripts of your medical/pharmaceutical/clinical training
  • A narrative of your clinical experience (clinical transcript summary form)
  • A narrative of how the M.H.Sc. fits into your training as a medical doctor/pharmacist/dietitians/nurse practitioner (clinical transcript summary form)
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) (nurse practitioner applicants: please include your registration number with the College of Nurses)
  • A letter of intent (1 to 2 pages maximum, submitted online). This letter should
    • briefly describe your previous research/clinical experience,
    • demonstrate how your experience is relevant for the program in Medical Genomics,
    • outline your short and long-term goals,
    • and highlight how this program will have an impact on your future career path.
  • Three letters of reference from professional, academic, or other qualified referees

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.
If you do not meet the requirements, you may still apply for conditional admission.