Jun 5, 2023  |  12:30pm - 7:00pm

2023 Career Development Symposium


2023 MENTORS (UTORid login)

Join us for an afternoon of networking, career development and learning in our 8th annual Career Development Symposium at Hart House! Talk with alumni in roundtable discussions, get career advice from keynote speakers, and listen to our panellists talk about their diverse experiences. We look forward to networking with current and former members of the Department and mingling with wine and cheese! In the words of a participant in 2022:

"I realize I have more choices than I had expected."

We have mentors lined up from industry, healthcare, education, academia, pharma, business at different stages in their careers and in different roles. Don't miss the chance for career-changing conversations!



  • 12:30-1 pm Registration
  • Opening remarks: Dr. Tim Hughes, Chair, Department of Molecular Genetics
  • Roundtable 1
  • Keynote: Dr. Helen Sarantis, Deputy Director, QC Analytical Excellence, Sanofi - Insights into Science Careers in Industry & Advice on Navigating the Transition from Academia
  • Roundtable 2
  • Keynote: Dr. Erin Styles, Molecular Genetics - Cultivating Translational Skills: If You Can Do Grad School, You Can Do Anything
  • Coffee break
  • Roundtable 3
  • Panel discussion: Dr. Ainslie Parsons (patent law at Bereskin & Parr LLP), Dr. Jessica Adams (medical communication at ApotheCom), Dr. Kevin Ha (data science at BioSymetrics), Dr. Olena Zhulyn (academic research at the Hospital for Sick Children), Dr. Tyler Luyben (consulting at Principal at Sixty Degree Capital)
  • Closing Remarks
  • 5:15-7 pm wine and cheese

We would like to express our gratitude to the numerous sponsors who have supported our event. We appreciate your contribution to making this gathering a great opportunity for learning and networking.

The event is organized by Dr. Martina Steiner, Bushra Haque, Iosifina Fotiadou, Kamalika Deka, Joshua Charkow and many others.

Thank you to all the student volunteers for your help with organizing the event!


Banner of the event