Laboratory Stream Academic Requirements

The laboratory stream of the M.H.Sc. in Medical Genomics addresses scientists who would like to strengthen their profile in all aspects of current genomics data collection, evaluation and interpretation.

As genomic patient data becomes more easily available, more companies, universities and hospitals provide services in and around genomic data collection and interpretation. These institutions rely on specialists to generate and interpret genetic and genomic information and the skills to use this information in clinical settings. This program gives students a unique experience in this cutting-edge field, providing them with actionable skills they will need in a professional environment.

In your application package, please include

  • Transcripts of your complete undergraduate study from a relevant discipline, with a B+ average or better over the last two years of study.
  • A narrative of your research experience (laboratory transcript summary form)
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A letter of intent (1 to 2 pages maximum, submitted online). This letter should
    • briefly describe your previous research/clinical experience, if applicable,
    • demonstrate how your academic and extracurricular activities are relevant for the program in Medical Genomics,
    • outline your short and long-term goals,
    • and highlight how this program will have an impact on your future career path.
  • Three letters of reference from professional, academic, or other qualified referees

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.
If you do not meet the criteria, you may still apply for conditional admission.