MGY Specialist Spotlight


" Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of the MGY Specialist program in my opinion thus far has been the faculty mentor program. It has given me the opportunity to meet a leading scientist in the field of research I am most interested in within the department, and gain valuable insights into research, and science in general. The program allowed me to become familiar with the major roles of a P.I. within the department, and what it takes to operate a research lab at the frontiers of discovery. Furthermore, the mentorship program was a major stepping-stone for me to secure a summer NSERC research position at their lab. This research opportunity has deeply influenced my desire to continue to pursue research, and graduate studies within the department, and has also prepared me well for the type of critical thinking necessary in higher-level undergraduate courses. I would recommend pursuing an MGY specialist degree for many reasons, but the faculty mentor program would be the major selling point. "


We are delighted to welcome our new class of 22 second-year undergraduate Specialist students to the Department of Molecular Genetics.  These outstanding students are the second class to participate in our revamped program that provides enhanced mentorship and opportunities for research early in their studies.  The new Specialists have been paired with a faculty mentor and over the coming year will participate in a variety of special activities including lunchtime discussion groups with eminent faculty members, increased interactions with the graduate students and the GSA, and lab shadowing.

We are building on the success of last year's inaugural class of Specialists, many of whom did research in our labs over the summer and are now in their third year of study.  The overwhelming majority of these students found the experience of being in a real lab to be a transformative experience in their education. The intensive training our Specialists receive both in the lab and in the classroom will expand their perspectives and give them a unique and powerful advantage as they embark on the next stages of their careers, whether those careers are in biomedical science or something completely different.