M.Sc. Oral Exam Request

Students and their supervisors must find a date and time for the M.Sc. oral exam that is agreeable to all members of the examination committee. A minimum of 2 hours must be set aside for the exam. The M.Sc. Oral Exam Request Form must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the agreed-upon date of the examination.

The exam committee must be composed of the following:

  • An Examination Committee member from the student's primary research field.

  • The student's supervisor

  • At least one supervisory committee member. Multiple committee members are welcome to attend.

  • One arm's-length examiner. This faculty member must hold a graduate appointment in SGS and may be within the Department of Molecular Genetics or from another department. This examiner should have an arm's-length relationship to both the supervisor and the student.

Convocation Ceremony
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If a room has been booked, please indicate this here. If any members of your supervisory committee will be unable to attend your exam, please indicate this here.

You will receive confirmation that your request has been received within 3 business days of submission. If you don’t receive confirmation, please contact Rama at graduate.coordinator@utoronto.ca