Sep 7, 2023

GSA Recap and Welcoming the Class of 2023

Event News
By Zoe Clarke

It’s been a very activity-filled summer for MoGen students this year! We started early on with Science Rendezvous in May, where MoGen students helped run some lab activities for high school students. Following this was our 8thAnnual Career Symposium in June, with many MoGen alumni coming back to the school to talk about their careers. Later in June, we had a CBMG social at RendezViews, and June Recruitment Day, where we welcomed many potential incoming students.

After a little break from activities in July, we came back in full force with a Jays Game in early August which featured loonie hotdogs, as well as a boat cruise later on in the month. Dozens of MoGen students came out to these events, and fun was to be had all around (although sadly the Jays lost the game)!

Now that the new school year is in full swing, we’ve welcomed in the 2023 incoming class with September Orientation Day, which featured lab Olympics and a trivia pub night at Prenup. We’re excited for the 2023/2024 academic year, and are always looking for new GSA members to help organize some of these fun activities! You can always reach out to us at