Jul 14, 2022

MedGen Representatives Featured in Temerty Medicine Graduate and Life Sciences Education

Medical Genomics

Reps Milcah and Sornnujah centre their platform around student outreach, engagement, and advocacy

image of Milcah and Sornnujah
By Paul McKay

Milcah Sutanto and Sornnujah Kathirgamanathan were featured in the Temerty Medicine GLSE for fostering community between the Medical Genomics professional master’s program and the Molecular Genetics MSc/PhD research program – both within the Department of Molecular Genetics. The two are students in the Master of Health Science Medical Genomics program and serve as Molecular Genetics Graduate Students Association (MoGenGSA) representatives for the program.

Some of Milcah and Sornnujah’s work includes creating the student ambassador outreach program which creates a space for prospective Medical Genomics to voice their questions and concerns about the professional master’s program. Sornnujah and Milcah also recently spearheaded the organization of a professional headshot event for professional and research-stream Molecular Genetics students, which helped to foster connections between students in the two streams and aided in the development of their professional portfolios.

Head to the GSLE to read more about how Milcah and Sornnujah are inspiring students to step out of their comfort zone through their student-guided initiatives!