May 20, 2022

New Student-Developed App Focuses On Grad Student Wellness


A team of Ph.D. students, Dustin Ammendolia (Department of Molecular Genetics, Grace Jacobs (Insitute of Medical Science) and Lazar Jovanovic (Department of Medical Biophysics) recently developed the GradWell app. This app is a hub of tips and resources for grad student wellness such as organizing your thesis committee, mentorship opportunities, writing applications, grocery shopping in Toronto, funding options, and resources for physical activity and mindfulness. The group was able to do this by winning the Graduate Student Wellness Grant, which readers can learn more about on the GLSE website here


  • iOSNote: For iOS, you may need to “Trust the U of T Certificate” to successfully download: Settings > General > VPN & Device Management > University of Toronto > Select  “Trust”
  • Android

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