PRiME is a UofT research initiative aiming to advance the field of precision medicine. This initiative includes the Department of Molecular Genetics and multiple other UofT faculties and departments such as Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Engineering. Some of PRiME's goals include

  • Advancing research in drug/therapeutic agent and target discovery, diagnostics and disease biology
  • Encouraging collaboration amongst trainees and scientists and training of grad students and postdocs
  • Building a biotech network with industry and entrepreneur partners

Research areas include:

  • Biologics and protein engineering
  • Nanomedicine and biomaterials
  • Precision diagnostics
  • Targeted small molecule therapeutics
  • Microfluidic technologies; Biology-on-a-chip
  • High-throughput genomics+proteomics and disease biology
  • COVID-19 Task Force

Interested students can view the total list of MoGen faculty members participating in this initiative here

*Current MoGen Ph.D. students supervised by PRiME-affiliated labs may enroll in the Collaborative Specialization in Next Generation Precision Medicine Graduate Program and participate in the Next Generation Precision Medicine Seminar Series

*Current MoGen postdocs and grad students may take part in the various PRiME fellowships