Tuition Fees
All students are responsible for paying their own tuition fees by the deadlines set by the University of Toronto. Students who are in arrears are not eligible to register with the School of Graduate Studies. Current tuition fee schedules are posted on the Student Accounts website under Divisional Tuition Fees for the School of Graduate Studies and the provost website's tuition lookup tool.

Tuition for Canadian citizens and permanent residents may differ from fees for international students.

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Students enrolled in the Medical Genomics program may be eligible to apply for the Professional Master's Financial Aid Allocation - a needs-based bursary that will be advertised to our students yearly. More information about student support and loans can be found here.

Black and Indigenous students may be eligible for the Molecular Genetics Black and Indigenous Scholars Academic Excellence Award, that covers half the cost of full-time domestic tuition for one year.

Information on financial resources for professional graduate programs can be found on the School of Graduate Studies and the Temerty Faculty of Medicine website.