Molecular Genetics Black and Indigenous Scholars Academic Excellence Award

Application Deadline: January 22 and May 8, 2024


  • Applicants to the MHSc / MSc GC program: Equivalent to half the cost of full-time domestic tuition for one year
  • Applicants to the thesis-based MSc or PhD program: harmonized stipend plus a CA$4000 top-up per year, for a maximum of 2 years

Level of Study: Master’s and Doctoral

Required Legal Status: Domestic students are eligible to apply

Results: March 15 and June 15, 2023



This award is intended to attract Black and Indigenous Canadian students to the graduate programs at the Department of Molecular Genetics. The goal is to support students from backgrounds that are under-represented in basic biomolecular research in the first years of their graduate training.


Application Process

Applicants submit a completed application form to by the application deadline.



To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Self-identify as a Black and/or Indigenous person:
    • Black applicants include those who self-identify as Black African, Black Caribbean, Black North American, multi-racial students who have and identify with their Black ancestry, etc.
    • Indigenous persons include First Nations, Inuit, Metis or multiple Indigenous identities
    • Self-identification is sufficient, but you may also choose to provide one of the following as proof of Aboriginal ancestry:
      • a copy of a Status or Treaty Card
      • a copy of a Nunavut Trust Certificate Card, roll number or any other proof accepted by Inuit communities
      • a copy of a membership card in a Métis registry recognized by the Métis National Council (Métis Nation of Ontario, the Manitoba Métis Federation, the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan, the Métis Nation of Alberta and the Métis Nation British Columbia)
      • proof that an ancestor’s name has been entered in the Indian Register according to the Indian Act, or on the band list of an individual band, or on the Inuit roll
      • written confirmation of Aboriginal ancestry from the Department of Indian Affairs
      • written confirmation of membership in a band council that has its own membership code
      • other acceptable documentation
  • Have been admitted to the Department of Molecular Genetics and commencing in the Graduate program in September.
  • Demonstrate the following:
    • Academic merit
    • Potential for research excellence
    • Potential for contributions to the research community
  • Domestic students are eligible to apply

Award Recipients:

  • Must remain eligible, in good academic standing, and meet the terms and conditions of the scholarship
  • Must register and remain registered as a full-time student in the Department of Molecular Genetics
  • Must make satisfactory progress toward the completion of their degree
  • Must declare any other awards received during the tenure of the scholarship

A change in status and/or failure to meet these terms and conditions may result in suspension or termination of payments and/or returning funds already received.

Students holding this scholarship are not able to hold other awards (OGS, NSERC, CIHR, etc.) simultaneously. This scholarship is meant to support the start of a research career before students can formulate applications for grants that will sustain their research long-term.


Please direct questions regarding this scholarship to: