Apr 24, 2024

Dr. Gary Bader Receives David Dime Family Award to Prioritize Glioblastoma Therapeutic Treatment

a brain with a bright point highlighted as glioblastoma
By MoGen Communications

Announcement: Winner of David Dime Family Catalyst Initiative Award

We're excited to announce Dr. Gary Bader as the winner of this year's David Dime Family Catalyst Initiative – Catalyzing Innovative & Transformative Research Ideas Award for his project on "Prioritizing Therapeutic Strategies for Glioblastoma.

This award supports innovative research on Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. The focus is on developing new diagnostics, drugs, and therapeutics to improve human health. It encourages novel ideas not typically funded by traditional agencies.

Congratulations to Dr. Gary Bader!

Learn about the legacy of David Dime and this award 's impact.