Apr 17, 2024

MedGen Launches Inspiring Fireside Chat Video

Medical Genomics

Celebrating the program's five-year milestone

student talking amongst themselves

Our Medical Genomics Program within the Department of Molecular Genetics has recently released a Fireside Chat video highlighting the experiences of its graduates from the past five years. Brooke Coe, a student in the program and this year's work-study student, organized the video. The video captures insights into how MedGen has impacted the careers and personal growth of its graduates. 

The video features contributions from various MedGen representatives, including Dr. Erin Styles, the program's director, and students from different cohorts, such as April Kennedy (Cohort 5), Mfon Udoh-Orok (Cohort 4), Daniel Kiss (Cohort 3), Sornnujah Kathirgamanathan (Cohort 2), and Brooke Coe (Cohort 1). It celebrates the success of MedGen alumni and the program's close-knit community.

Watch below

Celebrating 5 Cohorts of MedGen Graduates

Welcome to our MedGen Fireside Chat! Join us as we explore the journeys of MedGen graduates from the past five years