Philip M. Kim

Molecular Genetics


Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research
160 College Street, Room 606, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5S 3E1
Research Interests
Bioinformatics and computational biology, Cancer, Chemical biology, Drug discovery, design, development and screening, Functional genomics and systems biology, Proteomics and proteins, Structural biology

Our research integrates modern computational and experimental approaches to solve important problems in biomedical science. We aim to have major impact on patient care and to aid in the development of new therapies in cancer and other diseases. In turn, we are aided by the breathtaking pace of discovery in many fields of bioscience today. Thus, we apply techniques ranging from modern machine learning / artificial intelligence and computational structural biology to high-throughput experimental methods. We strongly believe that the integration of these different methodologies makes them much more powerful and that it is the combination of modern techniques that will help us have maximum impact on the future of medicine. We thus use computational and high-throughput methods to design and validate novel therapeutic compounds and develop new innovative techniques for systems biology and translational science.


  • Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
  • Donnelly Centre