Career Development Alumni Symposium 2024

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About the Symposium

Join us for the 8th Career Development Alumni Symposium, hosted by the Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto.

This event brings together renowned experts, industry leaders, alumni, faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows for rewarding discussions, networking opportunities, and career development sessions.

When: June 25, 2024
Where: Great Hall, Hart House

Registration starts at 12:30 pm
Reception starts at 5:15 pm

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Career symposium 2024 banner

Symposium Highlights

  • Keynote Presentations: Hear from world-renowned molecular genetics, genomics, and biotechnology experts.
  • Demo Informational Interviews: Learn how to conduct an informational interview by watching our student volunteers interview four professionals in different career roles.
  • Career Development Workshops: Participate in workshops designed to enhance your skills, expand your network, and explore career pathways in molecular genetics and related fields.
  • Networking Reception: During our wine and cheese reception, connect with fellow attendees, speakers, and sponsors and forge valuable professional relationships.
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Symposium Agenda

12:30-1:00 pm • Registration
1:00 pm • Opening remarks
1:15 pm • Roundtable 1 (30min)
1:45 pm • Keynote 1 (35min)
2:20 pm • Roundtable 2 (30min)
2:50 pm • Keynote 2 (intro, 35min)
3:25 pm - 4:00 • Coffee break
4:00 pm • Roundtable 3
4:30 pm - 5:10 • Demo informational interviews
5:10 pm • Closing Remarks
5:15-7:00 pm • Wine and cheese

Visit the Career Coaching Table

Hosted by Dr. Sarah McClymont (MoGen Career Connections Coordinator) and Sun Ooi, MSW (Molecular Genetics Career Advisor) for personalized career exploration.

We're offering career coaching at the symposium to help grad students with career goals, skills development, and more. Gain insights and tips for effective interviews, resume building, and professional advancement. Bring your IDP, resume, or CV for a brief individualized review.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Showcase your organization's commitment to innovation and talent development by sponsoring the 8th Career Development Alumni Symposium.

Partner with us

We offer sponsorship packages for our partners to gain exclusive public relations exposure and networking opportunities at various levels. Please message us at

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Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to gain industry insights, expand your network, and advance your career in molecular genetics.

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Join us at the 8th Annual Career Development Alumni Symposium